Tisk: We’re here!


Making PC building and gaming easier, more affordable, and more sustainable: Tisk will buy most recent cards and processors, and will test and certify all cards that check out good as new, allowing people to buy PC parts at a discount in a tight supply environment.

Tisk, an online service allowing individuals to sell their PC parts online for cash, as well as purchase tested and certified used parts, announced today the launch of its website. With its opening, people will be able to get cash immediately for their used parts, as well as be able to shop for used parts with the same experience and confidence as if they were shopping for new parts.

“This is a really exciting new step for the PC market,” said Antoine Sellam, Co-Founder at Tisk. “The market for used parts was almost entirely through marketplaces where there is a huge information gap between buyers and sellers. With Tisk inspecting, testing, and cleaning every single part, and with a 100-day full money back guarantee attached, people know what they’re getting.”


Opening the Market for Used CPUs and GPUs

Giving people the ability to monetize their old parts when upgrading, trading in their existing parts to go further in their upgrade, or finding cheaper parts of equivalent reliability when building their first PC, will provide players with a much-needed alternative to the new retail experience. In an environment where supply of new chips is so constrained, we believe opening the secondary market is going to massively benefit consumers at large.


Bringing more Sustainability to PC gaming

Reusing our parts at a greater scale is a key part in limiting the footprint we have as gamers. It is as simple as thinking differently about how we shop. Demand for new becomes more reasonable and balanced. With Tisk opening a viable market for used parts, we no longer need to just picture a better future on our screens and can now be a part of making it a reality.


The Tisk Promise

Tisk’s most important commitment is ensuring that every part sold on its platform is performing as advertised and reliably so. Before selling each part, the Tisk team has spent time meticulously cleaning and inspecting them, before putting them through extensive testing and benchmarking. This allows Tisk to guarantee that the parts sold on its platform are in perfect working condition. That is why we stand behind each single part we sell with a 100-day money back guarantee. If for any reason parts purchased on Tisk fail or do not perform up to our customers’ expectations, Tisk replaces it for free or provides a full refund.

Tisk is live – shop for used parts and sell your old parts today at www.tisk.com!