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Get Cash for your Parts.

How it Works

Your CPU and graphics card are as solid as the day you bought them, even after months of hardcore gaming.

Tisk is here to guarantee peak performance from battle-tested components, saving you money and stress along the way.

How it Works

Buying Parts

Selling Parts

1. Find your Ultimate Part

Explore a wide variety of recent CPUs and graphics cards across dozens of brands online, at prices up to 50% off retail prices.

2. Delivered. Safely.

With our custom packaging, every purchase arrives safely and in working condition.

3. Guaranteed

Just like you, our parts are at the top of their game. But in the unlikely event they die, we’ll send you a replacement free of charge or provide you a full refund. All our parts come with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

A better way to build.

Tisk’s Unique Process for Buying & Selling Computer Parts Online

Get Paid for Your Parts

Dust off your unused parts and turn them into cash. You won’t even need to wait for them to be sold. You get paid as soon as we verify the part is in working order.

A More Sustainable PC

Choosing used computer parts rather than relying on purchasing a new item is a key part in making gaming more sustainable. With Tisk, you can join ecologically conscious gamers around the world in limiting your impact on the environment.

Better Gaming for All

By selling your parts on Tisk, you are fueling another gamer’s upgrade. Your parts will be put to good use by the next gamer in line.

Get Ahead of your Next Upgrade

Thinking of upgrading? Choose Tisk credit when you sell your parts and earn an extra 10%. Don’t worry if you aren’t ready yet either; your credit never expires.

Start selling with Tisk today.