Recycle Computer Parts

A better future doesn’t have to be virtual


For too long have we left our previous, beloved PCs to gather dust in dark basements, or thrown them out to the landfill. We can do better for the environment by allowing parts to remain in circulation.

Climate-conscious gaming.

Computer parts are made from many materials which extraction can have a devastating effect on the environment, including silicon, copper, gold, and a few rare-earth materials such as cobalt and tantalum. The foundries where they are manufactured are typically in China and South East Asia, from where they need to be shipped.

Limiting our footprint.

Reusing our parts at a greater scale is a key part in limiting the footprint we have as gamers. It is as simple as thinking differently about how we shop. Demand for new becomes more reasonable and balanced. This way we do not just picture a better future on our screens, and can be a part of making it a reality.

Reusing and recycling.

Reusing parts is all the more important given recycling electronics is so difficult and rarely attempted. Less than 20% of all electronics discarded is recycled worldwide, and the volume amassing in landfills is increasing every year.

Become part of the solution.