What is your warranty policy?

Our Warranty

Your peace of mind when buying used PC parts is what keeps us up at night. That’s why we stand behind each single part we sell with a 100-day money back guarantee.

If for any reason your part fails or doesn’t perform up to your expectations, we will replace it for free or provide a full refund (our 100-day money back guarantee). This also covers instances where you may have unexpected compatibility issues, or if you simply change your mind. Simply contact us and we will issue you a prepaid return label.


Why We Offer The Warranty

Having built our own computers for decades, with new and used parts, the Tisk team has experienced the disappointment of damaged parts all too often. We are here to put that experience to good use by making sure you never have to.

Before selling each part, we have spent time meticulously cleaning and inspecting it. We then put each part through extensive testing and benchmarking.

This allows us to guarantee that the parts you are shopping for are in perfect working condition and will keep you dominating your enemies!